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Pastors Larry and Tiz’s enthusiasm, genuine love for people, excellent and effective teaching, and passionate commitment to seeing God’s children become the head and not the tail has driven their ministry, which spans over thirty years and two continents.

Popular Teachings by Pastor Larry Huch

The Torah Blessing & Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets

Pastor Larry has brought many powerful and life-changing revelations to the body of Christ but perhaps the most extraordinary and important revelation is his teaching on the Jewish Roots of the Bible. These two popular books contain revelation that will explain many of the mysteries of the Bible that will in turn release miracles into your life. Pastor teaches you the deeper truths of many of the symbols of our faith including the Tallit and mezuzah. He also teaches how Shabbat, the Biblical Holidays and First Fruits are appointed times for an overflow of God's promises and power for you. These and the many other revelations taught in these books will bring the Bible to life as never before…and they are valuable keys to releasing new blessing and miracles into your life, family, finances and ministry.

10 Curses that Block the Blessing

10 Curses that Block the Blessing explains how you can recognize, understand and destroy the 10 main curses in people's lives that block God's blessings. Increase your understanding of the incredible creative power in words and how they can shape our daily circumstances, the reality of curses in our finances, and the stronghold our mindset can have on every part of our life.

7 Places Jesus Shed His Blood

Most Christians don’t understand the fullness of the power of the blood of Jesus; that He shed His blood not just one time but seven different times, so that you could be redeemed in every area of life. Let Pastor Larry take you on a remarkable journey through the last days of Christ; from the Garden of Gethsemane and the whipping post; to the crown of thorns, Calvary and more, so you can learn the 7 places where Jesus shed His blood and how each place connects you to all 7 redemptive blessings.

Healing In His Wings

Teaching from the Gospel of Matthew and the miracle encounter between Jesus and the woman with the issue of blood, Pastor Larry Huch brings you the powerful revelation of what this woman meant when she said "if I could only touch the hem of His garment." This garment is a Jewish prayer shawl or Tallit (pronounced ta-leet), and when you "touch" the hidden revelation in this story it will absolutely change your life! This ministry resource will open the eyes of your understanding to God's healing power in a new, dramatic way.

Popular Teachings by Tiz Huch

No Limits No Boundaries

Thousands of promises of God’s miraculous favor, equipping, help and provision are in the Word and are ready to be released into your life! It’s time for us to live in the reality of all of God’s promises! In this popular book and teaching you will learn how to pray dynamic change into your life, family, finances and your future!

Breakthrough Finances

Finances can be one of the biggest hindrances to fulfilling our dreams and destiny. God, however, has a distinct plan for transferring the wealth of the world into the hands of His children. God doesn't function in poverty, therefore, neither should we. In this series, Tiz teaches you how to tap into God's unlimited supply of wealth and abundance.

Possessing the Promises of God Through Prayer

Tiz has a deep passion to teach people how to pray with the power to achieve specific results. This teaching will take your prayer life to a whole new level, infusing you with God's strength, confidence, and boldness. It will train you to walk in the dominion and authority that God, Himself, has intended for you. You will be thoroughly equipped to release God's supernatural help, favor, grace, and anointing into every area of your life.

Mountain Move!

Pastor Tiz as she teaches you to rise up and take authority as a person of faith, establishing God's dominion in the world and in your own personal life. Understand the power you possess to change your circumstances and command your mountain to move!

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